RSC Light Lock


The RSC Lightlock is a revolutionary new device for the entertainment industry, which allows moving lights to be rigged on very lightweight hanging or flown, structures.
Until now it has been impossible to hang moving lights onto trapezes, lightweight automated bars or pantographs due to unwanted oscillation in the structure. The RSC Lightlock is the first device of its kind to counteract and eliminate unwanted movement of automated lights on lightweight structures and opens up a plethora of lighting solutions.

Some Key Points About The RSC Lightlock

The device enables the creative benefits of moving lights to be used in a broader variety of theatre, TV and film situations as it removes the need for heavy duty mounting infrastructure.
Use of lightweight rigging means that the moving light can be situated virtually anywhere and the halting of movement ensures that there are no ‘out of action’ moving lights.
-Quiet Operation
The RSC Lightlock emits low noise levels, which allows its use during live performances.
-Health and Safety
The RSC Lightlock reduces the need for bridges or trusses and therefore reduces the need for working at height when maintaining or adjusting a light.
-Cost efficiency
Moving lights can be maintained at ground level by lowering the rig to where staff can safely maintain or adjust them. Avoiding working at height results in significant time savings for the entertainment industry.
A lighting designer can choose to create the same design with a smaller rig, resulting in a cost saving and environmental benefit.

Technical Spec:

The unit measures approximately
515.60mm (20.3″) wide x 429.70mm (16.9″) deep x 76.20mm (3″) high.
The RSC Lightlock draws a maximum of 150 watts.
The RSC Lightlock weighs 14kg (31lb).


Q – How does it work?
A – The RSC Lightlock works by accelerating and decelerating a balanced mass or weight at the appropriate moment of the swing cycle of a moving structure.
Q – Will the RSC Lightlock stabilize a truss or pipe when one or more automated fixtures are moving?
A – Yes
Q – How many moving fixtures can be moving in unison before one RSC Lightlock becomes ineffective?
A – The RSC Lightlock will remain effective for as many moving fixtures as you require, however it will take slightly longer for the structure to come to rest, so instead of stopping the swing instantly it may take a second or two.
Q – Is the RSC Lightlock affected by heat emitting from moving fixtures?
A – No.
Q – Does it need data?
A – No.
Q – Can I tour RSC Lightlock’s into different countries with different voltages?
A – Yes, there is a voltage selector with settings for 110 or 230 volts single phase.
Q – Does it require calibration?
A – The RSC Lightlock self-calibrates every time you power-up; this usually takes about 1.5 seconds.
Q – Do you need a different size RSC Lightlock for larger or smaller items?
A – No, the standard RSC Lightlock will serve most applications, but for larger items RSC Lightlocks can be added together to work in unison with each other.