Solid State White Lights

New technologies are making these lasers better by reducing there physical sizes while boosting brightness at the same time. gone are the days of complicated cooling systems and large power requirements.  Todays systems are air cooled and powered by a standard 120v wall circuit. Both brighter and whiter these lasers are the cutting edge for todays performance laser industry. these systems contain at least three lasers in each. the beams of each of the lasers is combined to active a white beam, millions of colours can be mixed now to match what ever colour pallet is needed, light oranges, pinks and teals are all possible now with these great lasers.

Solid State green lasers

The green laser is what most people associate with live performance lasers. Compact and cost effective  the particular wave length of green (532nm) is a very visible even when a lot of stage lights are used.

High Power YAG lasers

These lasers are great for large scale indoor and outdoor applications…….

Laser projectors are used to widen the scope off effects possible with a standard ‘laser in a box’ set up. Dedicated beam rails allow for a much better beam matrix look, as well as make it possible to place the laser in places that might otherwise be unsuitable for setting up a Full look beam matrix. other effects like a lumia, beam racetracks, diffraction gratings and other specialty effects can all be used to better the look and intensity of your laser show. There are a variety of different size laser projectors some are even truss mountable, whatever the desired effect is we have a projector to suit your needs.


At PDI we only use the very best when it comes to laser design and operating software. Pangolin Laser Systems has been a leader in the laser industry for over 20 years with award winning products and software . PDI currently uses their LD2000 and Beyond applications.

Not only do we use Pangolin’s software and products for all of our laser operating needs but we are an authorized Canadian distributor. Please contact us for all of your Pangolin needs