Production Design in Japan

Follow us as we travel the world

Here you will find an album with the purpose of taking you on the road with Production Design International. Follow us as we travel the world providing production  services to the professional entertainment industry.

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Interview with Howard Ungerleider

“In the summer of 1974, Howard Ungerleider was sent to Canada by his company ATI (American Talent International) to help a new band as they started touring regularly. That band was Rush and Ungerlieder has played a crucial role in the success of their tours and production for nearly 40 years. For many years he […]

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Kid Rock “Rebel Soul”

We are happy to say that the current Kid Rock “Rebel Soul” tour is going very well. We are currently providing huge laser looks for Nook Shoenfeld (Lighting Designer for Kid Rock). Here are a few photos showcasing some of our new custom built RGB laser systems with full beam and optic tables.

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RUSH Clockwork Angels

Rush for Robe on Clockwork Angels

Legendary Canadian rock band Rush are on the road again with their ‘Clockwork Angels’ world tour, complete with Robe LEDWash 600 moving lights on the rig, specified by lighting and show designer, Howard Ungerleider. Howard has worked with the band since 1974, joining for their first U.S. tour – since then their line-up has remained […]

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