What we do


Since the 70s, lasers have become a staple in the live touring industry, captivating and dazzling audiences with custom built shows tailored to that artists music. Constant advancements in the technology have made these displays easier to set up, control, as well as fit into your current stage set up.


Using a laser to display your corporate logo or advertisement is a great way to captivate your audience. Unlike video projectors the laser is always in focus. Larger then life images laser animations can be project onto most any surface. because of the visual intensity of the laser it can be used on walls that may seem inappropriate for standard projection. When the business stuff its out of the way and its time to party, nothing says party like laser beams, or maybe you just like to give that special CEO the grand entrance they deserve.

Special Effects

PDI can provide you with a myriad of custom special effects. From pyrotechnics and smoke effects to custom water screens, PDI has you covered. Have something unique in mind, give us a call and we can help your idea become a reality.