Interview with Howard Ungerleider

“In the summer of 1974, Howard Ungerleider was sent to Canada by his company ATI (American Talent International) to help a new band as they started touring regularly. That band was Rush and Ungerlieder has played a crucial role in the success of their tours and production for nearly 40 years. For many years he wore the Tour Manager and Lighting Design/Director hat and has been on the road with Rush for every tour except the Roll the Bones tour (he designed that tour’s production, but due to the success of Queensryche’s Empire record, he was committed to continue that tour to it’s completion). From the early days opening for Kiss and Aerosmith, to the breakout 2112 shows, the blockbuster success of the Moving Pictures tour, introduction of lasers on 1984’s Grace Under Pressure tour, triumphant return and astounding South American audiences on the 2002 Vapor Trails tours, to the Time Machine, and the current steampunk-themed Clockwork Angels tour, Howard has been instrumental in the look and feel of the band’s performances. While the band provides the all important soundtrack, Howard sets the scene and creates the drama with precise and powerful lighting and video cues.”

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